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Violence and indigenous women
4th mar 2013SECCIONES: Serie Indígenas en acción
Violence and indigenous women

Document presented to the CSW57
March 2013

Indigenous Peoples in Action / 12

Violence and Indigenous Women summarizes a larger systematization document – bearing the same title – produced at the initiative of indigenous women who are members of the Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas – ECMIA, to be presented at the 57th meeting of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

It presents an analysis of the context to understand and eradicate the different expressions of violence against indigenous, such us armed conflicts and militarization and the impacts of extractive industries, among others.

It also presents a series of recommendations addressed to international organizations and international cooperation agencies, States, and the indigenous organizations themselves to tackle this problem from its multiple dimensions and actors.

Editor: Ecmia, CHIRAPAQ
Sponsored by: AECID, Ford Foundation
Cover photo: Luiz Vasconcelos
Legal deposit Nº 2013-03363
March 2013
34 pages

Violence and Indigenous Women